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Courses for 16-18s

Ignite your success with our vocational courses for 16-18-year-olds and take the next step toward your goals.

We’re not like school or college – classes are smaller, your programme is tailored to you and our supportive trainers and mentors will help you reach your potential.

We offer vocational qualifications at Level 1, 2 and 3 alongside qualifications in English and Maths, if you need them.

Everyone is welcome, so don’t worry if you have struggled in the past or think that something might hold you back. We will work with you to develop your knowledge, skills and your confidence.

We can’t wait to welcome you on to one of our inspiring courses! See below for more.

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I really enjoyed the theoretical side of my course, but also the practical side through my placement at a primary school. I highly recommend Skills Training as a learning provider. They are so supportive and will guide you through every step of your course.

Tasfiah Anjum, Walsall, Level 2 BTEC First Certificate in Health and Social Care.

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Who pays for the course?

All our courses for 16-18s are free to take.

Courses for 16-18s are funded by the Government’s Department for Education and Skills. Which means they pay us to cover the cost of providing the course to you.

No need to wait, sign up now and you could begin your course in a matter of weeks.

Where do I study?

Join us to study at one of several training centres and Academies around the country where you will learn face-to-face in the classroom, with added online support from our Virtual Learning Environment.

Make new friends and get to know our friendly and supportive tutors and you’ll ignite your success in no time!


What is it like?

Our aim is to work with you to achieve your qualifications and prepare you for your next steps in to further education, an Apprenticeship or employment.

The friendly and energising approach of our tutors is highly rated by learners.

We offer health and wellbeing support to improve your confidence and personal skills and plenty of information, advice and guidance so that the positive steps you take will continue long after you’ve finished your course.

Our Mentoring programme for selected 16-24s also offers personal support if you’re dealing with anxiety, low-self-esteem, LBGTQ+ issues and more.

We’re about more than qualifications, we’re here to support you to make positive progress in your life as well as your education or pathway to employment.


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Courses for
16 -18s

Health and Social Care (Level 2)

Customer Service (Level 2)


Business Enterprise (Level 2)

Business Administration (Level 2)

Warehousing & Storage (Level 2)

Digital Technologies (Level 2)

A trusted alternative to school or college

Independent training provider

The nationally recognised qualifications you’ll achieve with us will develop your specialist subject knowledge and skills and also prepare you for further study, the workplace and your job search.

One-to-one support

As an alternative to school or college we have some of the same qualifications and some different vocational options. You study in smaller classes with more control over your learning and access to mentoring support if you need it.

Careers advisors

Your careers advisor or a job coach might tell you about us, or refer you directly, as we often partner with colleges, job centres and other specialist trainers to make our courses easier to find and do.

Keep moving forward

We always prepare you for your next steps whether that is further study or into work. We also work with employers to help them find and hire people like you who make great Trainees and Apprentices.

Funded by:

Department for Education

About Courses for 16-18s

1.What are the benefits of vocational qualifications, such as BTECs?

  • Employers want people with practical skills and experience and that’s exactly what our vocational qualifications, such as BTECs, will give you.
  • If you know what you want to do, these courses provide a pathway to further education or an Apprenticeship.
  • Vocational qualifications, such as BTECs, are assessed throughout the year with assignments and exams.
  • If you haven’t yet achieved English or Maths at Grade 4 or above you can study these subjects alongside your course.

2.Do universities accept BTECs?

Studying BTECs at Level 1 and 2 is a way to progress on to Level 3 study. Some universities will accept Level 3 BTECs.

If you have your eye on a higher level (University) course, please check how many UCAS points your BTEC is worth and also have a look at the entry requirements set out for the degree you are interested in.

Approximately one in four students starting university has a BTEC, that’s around 100,000 people. And it doesn’t end there – 90% of BTEC students are employed full-time after graduation (CBI Pearson 2018).

3.Which is better, BTECs or A Levels?

That depends on you and your goals. If you want a practical, hands on way of learning which is focused on knowledge and skills for a particular job, then an accredited Level 2 course like a BTEC, could be the way to go. A Levels are more theory based, but they also keep your options open.

It’s a common misconception that skills-based qualifications such as BTECs are ‘easier’ than A Levels. They are just different. Both require effort and commitment to pass, but how they are taught and assessed is different.

A Levels are a more traditional route to Higher Education but BTECs and other vocational qualifications can also be a passport to university, depending on the criteria set by the university and for its individual courses.

Our Latest Success Stories

‘I can’t believe how much my life has changed!’

I’ve just completed my first unit which was a nice refresher from my Level 2 course. My tutor has been really supportive and encouraging and is really pushing me to go for the distinction to get the highest grade I can achieve.

Shauna O’Byrne - Business Administration: Level 2 Traineeship and Level 3 Apprenticeship

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Our Latest Success Stories

Mustafa accepted into 5 Universities after plethora of traineeships

It has greatly transformed every aspect of my life and was the best experience ever. I could not have achieved any of it without the belief of my tutors and their unlimited, unconditional support.

Mustafa Abubakr

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Our Latest Success Stories

Keen photographer Hunter snaps up Customer Service BTEC in lockdown

Whilst I made a great start in the classroom with face-to-face support, I found that I actually preferred learning from the comfort of my own home. I still received the fantastic one-to-one support from my tutors, just virtually, which meant I could continue to get the support I needed.

Hunter Warnock - Level 2 BTEC Customer Service Practitioners Certificate

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STUK Latest Success Story
STUK Latest Success Story
STUK Latest Success Story

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Health and Social Care (Level 2)

Level 1/2 BTEC First in Health & Social Care


Customer Service (Level 2)

Level 2 BTEC Customer Service Practitioners