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Finding the right person for a specific role in your company isn’t always easy. You can trust our highly rated Apprentice Recruitment Service to provide you with a short-list of job-ready candidates.

We’ve had great success recruiting apprentices to lots of different industries from the NHS to Advanced Manufacturing.

Talent pool

At Skills Training UK, we train young people and adults from diverse backgrounds in a range of specialist and workplace skills.

This means we have constant access to a growing pool of job-ready talent looking to launch or develop their careers in areas they are passionate about.

You are not just getting the team members you need, you are giving someone who wants to enjoy a fulfilling career the opportunity to have it.


Employer benefits

Our recruitment service will save you considerable time and money which would have been spent advertising, screening and vetting candidates.

You can be confident the candidates already have a wealth of employability skills from their previous training and have demonstrated their commitment to developing their careers.

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    Skills Training UK were able to come up with a shortlist of candidates who were highly-employable and exactly what we were looking for. Many of these candidates’ details were then shared with other departments to aid recruitment elsewhere in the Trust.

    Marisa Tozzi, Pharmacy Systems Manager, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

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