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Digital Marketing Apprentice John offered full-time job after Apprenticeship

John Peach left college with several qualifications and design experience but struggled to find a full-time position after his course had finished.

He was referred to Skills Training UK and enrolled on an Apprenticeship for Digital Marketing with Staffordshire-based Grayson Design & Print.

John said: “I saw an Apprenticeship as an opportunity to get some practical experience in the working world and also a chance to get paid to learn.”

Since joining Grayson Design and Print, he has taken on a number of responsibilities including managing the website and social media content and being directly involved with several marketing campaigns.

Grayson Design & Print’s Lesley Langford said: “The idea of taking on an Apprentice was a great advantage to us, as we were able to mould John into the shape of our business.

“Taking John on as an Apprentice has been very successful for the company, he has taken well to the responsibilities given to him and has developed his skills over the past 12 months of his course.”

Throughout the course, I was able to get on and also work by myself, and received great support which really says a lot about Skills Training UK. It was a great experience.

Tribikram Chakrabarti, Business Administration Learner

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John has now completed his Apprenticeship and is working full-time at Grayson Design and Print, which specialises in digital printing. He is excited to further develop his skills within the company.

Offering advice to those who are thinking about their next step, John said: “Be patient for the right type of job and don’t rush into things after college or university. Apprenticeships allow you to get the valuable experience you need for the world of employment.”

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