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Traineeships for Industry fill skills gaps – Gerrymet

The Traineeships for Industry programme, developed by Skills Training UK, is proving its worth as employers including Walsall company Gerrymet begin recruiting the first Trainees.

Gerrymet, which manufactures and services saw blades and wood cutting tooling, was quick to see the advantages of the Traineeship for Industry, offering one of its first trainees, Damian Williams, age 20, a four week work placement. The outcome was the offer to Damian of a position as a Trainee Saw Doctor working full time with the company, which employs 17 staff.

Tim Willis, Director of Gerrymet, which is based in Walsall in the West Midlands, said: “I was looking to employ someone and the Traineeship for Industry allowed me to see the trainee work and see how keen they are. I was really impressed with Damian’s attitude and took him on as a Trainee Saw Doctor. He’s fitted in really well and I can see that Skills Training UK have really listened to what employers want.”

Skills Training UK opened its new Walsall training centre just a few months ago, where it is preparing 19-24 year-old job seekers for careers in manufacturing, engineering, warehousing and logistics.

Traineeships are a central pillar in the Government’s plans to match young people with employers. By giving young people the right skills and confidence to succeed in the workplace and matching them with suitable employers, local industries are being boosted by fresh new talent, eager to work, and appreciative to have left unemployment behind.

Stephen Crawley, Skills Director, Skills Training UK, says; “We want to meet the emerging and growing needs of engineering and logistics companies, supporting local businesses in overcoming their skills gaps. The Traineeships for Industry and our Apprenticeships training are aligned to the Black Country’s vision for economic development.”

I can see that Skills Training UK have really listened to what employers want.

Tim Willis, Director, Gerrymet

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Damian Williams was previously unemployed for nearly two years and only had experience in retail before he spotted the opportunity at his local Jobcentre.

Damian commented: “I’m really happy. I’d never considered doing anything like this before but I’m really enjoying working at Gerrymet and doing something that’s hands on. I can say to people now, I’m 20 and I’ve got a job, which has made a huge difference to my life.”

Trainee Saw Doctor, Damian Williams.


Damian Williams with Stephen Crawley (Skills Director, Skills Training UK), Tim Willis (Director of Gerrymet) and David Crawley (Operations Manager, Skills Training UK).

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