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Organisation, efficiency and quality improve as staff complete BIT

Martindale Pharma is at the forefront of the pharmaceutical industry, supplying specialist medicines to over 20 countries around the world including the UK and Middle East.

Headquartered in Buckinghamshire, the company manufactures several of its medicines in-house at its state of the art factories in Brentwood and Romford in Essex.

Continuous improvement is fundamental to Martindale Pharma’s success. The company has been working alongside Skills Training UK since 2015 to provide BIT (Business Improvement Techniques) training to around 20 staff – focusing on enhancing workplace efficiency and organisation.

In one area of the factory, equipment has been moved closer to where it is needed, saving the company more than nine hours of labour time. The change was achieved by adopting the Kaizen technique of continual improvement and agreeing action plans, safety audits and risk assessments. Elsewhere, the cleaning process of machines running cycles of the same product has been halved.

Martindale Pharma

“The BIT course has enabled our employees to change their ways of thinking and drive efficiencies in their working areas.

Denise Spencer, HR Business Partner

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Martindale Pharma

The course has enabled participants to work pro-actively as a group and forge valuable relationships while also giving them the chance to learn new skills. My team member in particular now has the confidence to challenge and improve processes and the initiative to apply the new skills to daily operations.

Kelly Marshall, Logistics Manager

The course has definitely given my team member the confidence and knowledge to look at ways to streamline activities. It has also improved her ability to prioritise and organise her working day - particularly helpful as the department has recently had periods where we have been short staffed. I am very keen for her to commence the Level 3 qualification. We also have a new employee starting in the team soon and I would really like them to embark on the BIT course to help them integrate into the business.

Dave Sidery, Quality Systems Team Leader

The training was challenging at times but it was well worth doing because as a team and individually we are much stronger in terms of organisation and problem-solving. Skills Training UK managed to tailor everything to our wor

Hazim Khalid – Shift Operations Leader (Production)

The BIT course has resulted in my department producing less wastage and products and forms are better organised now, which saves time. The course was hard, but I would love the chance to progress to the next level, it gave me a real sense of achievement.

Ricky Bavister – Specials Technician

We’ve implemented most of the techniques shown to us by Skills Training UK and they’re very beneficial – helping to save time and bring labour costs down. I’m now constantly looking out for opportunities to improve my work and the work of others – I believe continuous improvement is a key factor in ensuring the business stays as a market leader

Talal Khalid – Quality Control Packaging Analyst

As a result of the training I’m now more meticulous and I look at things in a lot more depth and detail. Instead of taking processes at face value, I want to see how they can be improved and reorganised for the benefit of the company.

Stacey Lawes – International Accounts Executive

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