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Leading transformational change at Kent County Council

Skills Training UK is working with Kent County Council to maximise the authority’s use of its Apprenticeship Levy funds. We support the ongoing development of managers and project leaders across departments, from finance services to strategic commissioning.


Following a rigorous tendering process, Skills Training UK was chosen to deliver its bespoke range of management and business improvement Apprenticeships to over 40 employees at the council. The unique programmes are tailored around the authority’s values, behaviours and leadership requirements. They include Level 3 Team Leader/Supervisor, Level 4 Improvement Practitioner, Level 5 Operations/Departmental Manager and Level 6 Improvement Leader.

Skills Training UK have understood fully our requirements and tailored their approach around our values and behaviours, which are embedded in everything we do.” “The staff feedback is certainly very positive. Every learner has said they’re finding the programmes beneficial and useful and are very happy with the quality of the tutoring.

Alison Brimble, Project Officer, Kent Graduate Programme, Kent County Council

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Improvement Practitioners/Leaders use a blend of Six Sigma, project and change management principles and tools to identify and lead the delivery of change, while Operations Managers/Team Leaders gain the right skills and knowledge for managing and leading projects and teams within the council.

What the learners said

I’ve been really impressed with Skills Training UK. There is a good balance of self-learning and on-the-job training. It has been useful that trainer assessors come into our place of work to deliver the training, making it easy to integrate with real workplace scenarios. The programme has improved my confidence and the knowledge of skills and processes to improve my day-to-day work, such as different improvement tools and route cause analysis.

Amber Povey, Analytics Graduate, Strategic Commissioning – Analytics, Level 4 Improvement Practitioner

The Apprenticeship has increased my confidence in managing projects. I’ve started to gain a broad understanding of the key theory underpinning leadership and management and am now applying it. I’m a lot more conscious of my thought processes and how I manage my work. The classroom sessions are spot on and are very interactive and engaging.

Emily Davis, Acting Client Financial Services Team Manager (Assessment Team – Residential), Finance, Strategic and Corporate Services, Level 3 Team Leader / Supervisor

Having recently started my role at Kent County Council, the Operation Management training has provided me with the knowledge and skills to apply best management practice. I am able to apply the newly learnt management processes to the projects I am working on – such as better management of time and delegation of tasks. The Apprenticeship will help me build up my CV so I can apply for further management roles in the future.

Abigail Roscoe, Highways Transportation and Waste Graduate

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