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Efficiencies in production aided by BIT apprentices at Lindab

Lindab was founded in 1956 in Sweden as a small sheetmetal shop. Going from strength to strength it is now an international group that designs, manufactures and distributes products and solutions for improved indoor climate. Lindab have 155 offices and factories based in 32 countries and 80% of their market is made up of products for non-residential construction.

The company takes pride in the high quality, energy efficiency and eco-friendliness of their products. One of Lindab’s core values is to simplify the construction process, whether that be in design, the product itself or its installation and delivery.

Lindab UK is headed up by Joint Managing Directors, Mike Goodspeed and Iain Robertson, who strive to make the company a leading manufacturer in the indoor climate market.

Since 2015, they have been working with Skills Training UK who have provided Business Improvement Techniques (BIT) training, a 12-month fully tailored and integrated training course. The BIT centres on different aspects of the business such as teamwork, leadership and problem solving with the end goal of improving the efficiency of the company’s output.


We’ve gone from strength to strength when it comes to continuous improvement and Skills Training UK have helped tremendously with that. The attitude and general stance of the business has changed for the better.

Mike Goodspeed, Joint Managing Director, Lindab UK

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As part of the BIT training, three workplace projects on quality, cost and delivery are completed and for Lindab, these have resulted in cost-cutting and increased productivity. For one project, employees reviewed their workstation efficiency and by moving them around have reduced the distance and travel time between each one, therefore increasing productivity. In conjunction with Skills Training UK, Lindab have drawn up plans which should see the Manchester factory floor achieve further improvements to efficiency.



Since joining the company I’ve been keen to introduce accurate data capture and Lean Manufacturing Principles into our organisation. The training and workbased projects have been the catalyst to deploy the tools and techniques. Employee involvement has resulted in buy-in from our workforce and the projects will deliver on a number of goals, including improved health & safety and productivity.

Andy Allen, Production Manager, Lindab UK

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process of the BIT course, it was a big eye-opener. It was very insightful for us as a team to see that if something needs to be changed, there has to be a plan in place and there are many organisational methods to choose from.” “The trainer assessor put everyone at ease and he was a great tutor, he was especially good at identifying everyone’s individual skills and their different levels of abilities to use as a strength for the team. This was very good for team progression.

John Mann, Production Operative

This course was brilliant, I learnt so much and how to adapt it to everyday work. On the factory floor you just get on with your job and it’s hard to see if there are any problems or if anything can be improved. By doing this course, it helped me and the team to take a step back and analyse what could be changed for the better – the trainer assessor was very good at showing us this and his outside view on our company and our work was invaluable.

Ben Naylor, Production Operative

This course was very important to me because, when I first joined Lindab my English wasn’t great, but through the help of the staff and Skills Training UK, I’ve learnt a lot and it means a lot to me. The trainer assessor from Skills Training UK was great, he was so patient with me especially when I had a lot of questions. I found it very interesting and I could see my own improvement week on week.

Cristian Barabas, Production Operative

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